I think one of the very real issues for women

I think one of the very real issues for women in the workplace is working as hard and if not harder than men do and not being financially compensated in the same way. Also, advancement within senior management roles can also be a challenge. Today, statistics show that men make much more money and hold more senior titles than women do.

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Robert Emerson Giger, Sr., 76, died at home in Leavenworth, WA, Sun., Dec. 9, 2012, surrounded by his wife and children. Bob made his home in Vancouver, WA with wife, Carolyn Ann, before moving to Leavenworth in 2006. Other than this, Google could make Android compatible with virtual reality devices as currently Google doesn’t have anything in that space. Yes, Google Glass is there; but under the Nest team it is going through a major overhaul. Google could also introduce a native multi window multitasking feature similar to what Samsung and LG phones have had for years.

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For the holidays, MOS will present the Maui premiere of the Musical, based on the 2003 Will Ferrell film, with music by Matthew Sklar ( Wedding Singer and book by Thomas Meehan ( Producers, The tale of the Elf, a baby who accidently crawls into Santa bag and is raised at the North Pole, will open the day after Thanksgiving. Buddy discovers he a human being and heads to New York City in search of his father, who doesn believe in the spirit of Christmas. A popular aspect of the 2010 13 Broadway run was casting a familiar face as Santa Claus, who narrates the story to the audience.

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